Theological Resources for Children

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Theological Resources for Children (and parents too!)

We live in a day and age in which there are countless resources for nurturing the faith of our children. One of my passions has been in keeping up (as best I can!) with what is available and sorting through the good and the bad to find the best items out there. One of the things I love about Children’s books is their ability to help simplify and explain some of the more convoluted areas of truth in scripture and to that end I’ve found that several of these books have been just as beneficial for my own faith as it has been for the faith of my children. In this Touchpoint I’d like to recommend a sampling of some of my favorite books that we’ve picked up over the last few years with one or two sentences to summarize the books. I’ve included links to each book as well. I’d encourage you to check them out and if you have any you’d like to share with me – shoot them my way! 

Biblical Theology:

The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross (By Carl Laferton) – This book is a book to be read in one sitting. It’s a brief and excellent overview of the fall of man, our separation of God because of our sin, and how in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection we are promised the forgiveness of sins and restoration with God. It’s bright, colorful, and fun to read. (Video Reading, Amazon

The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden (By Kevin DeYoung) – This book began as a sermon by Kevin DeYoung in which he preached through the entire redemptive story in scripture. It is divided into 10 short chapters and is an excellent overview of scripture that is beautifully illustrated, easy to engage with, and perfect for helping your children (and you!) have a better understanding of how God worked throughout scripture to save his people from their sin. (Preview Video, Amazon) 

Sammy and His Shepherd: Seeing Jesus in Psalm 23 (By Susan Hunt) – This book is a great tool for family devotionals as it takes Psalm 23 and divides it into 11 chapters with each chapter covering a small portion of the Psalm and unpacking it via the story of a sheep named Sammy and his Shepherd. At the back of the book there are discussion questions for each chapter as well as passages of scripture that back up the main idea of the chapter. (Video Reading, Amazon

Christian Life:

Good News for Little Hearts (A series by David Powlison, Ed Welch, and Jayne V. Clark) – This is a series of six books that cover topics of Anxiety, Anger, Failure, Greed, Sadness and Loneliness. They are incredibly useful for helping our children learn to cope with their own sin and the hardships of this world from a Biblical perspective. (WTS Books 6-Pack Bundle, Amazon

The Moon is Always Round (By Jonathan Gibson) – This book helps families deal with the problem of hardship and suffering. The author uses the imagery of the moon to teach children of the constant goodness of God, even when it might seem obscured by difficult circumstances in life. (Amazon

God’s Very Good Idea: A True Story of God’s Delightfully Different Family (By Trillia Newbell) – This book takes the reader on a journey from the garden of Eden and the fall to the heavenly throne room of God and shows how, despite the sinfulness of mankind, all people are welcomed into the family of God through the saving work of Christ. (Amazon

Other Worthwhile Titles: Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (by Sally Lloyd-Jones), Mighty Acts of God and Wondrous Works of God (by Starr Meade), The Donkey Who Carried a King (by R. C. Sproul), How Much Is a Little Girl Worth? (by Rachel Denhollander, The Gospel Story Bible (By Marty Machowski), Everything a Child Should Know About God (by Kenneth N. Taylor) and The Church History ABCs (by Stephen J. Nichols). 

Like I said above, this is meant to be just a sampling of some of the books that I find valuable and helpful for my family’s continued growth in the faith. There are so many valuable resources out there and I hope that as a church body we can continue to explore them together and share them with one another for the building up of one another in Christ. If there are any books or resources that you would like to share with me – please send them my way; I’d love to check them out! 

-Pastor Stephen



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