Faith that is Seen

Learning Jesus
Faith that is Seen
Mark 2:1-12

  • Taking in the Scene: Preaching & Roof Leaks
  • Facing Opposition with Authority
  • Jesus Sees Faith… How?

Questions for Further Study or Group Discussion

  1. Read Mark 2:1-12. If you have grown up in the church, you are very familiar with this story. What is normally emphasized in a children’s lesson on this passage? What is usually missed?
  2. Why do you think Jesus speaks about forgiveness of sins, when it seems obvious the man wants to be healed of his paralysis? Is there a connection between physical ailments and sin?
  3. Why do the scribes question in their hearts what Jesus says? What does this reveal about Jesus? What is Jesus getting at with his question about what is easier?
  4. Whose faith does Jesus see? How can Jesus see faith? What does faith “look” like? Can Jesus, or other people, see your faith?