Your Plans or God’s?

MESSAGE - Pastor Dale Thiele

John: That You May Believe

Your Plans or God’s? 

  • The Temptation for Worldly Success
  • Jesus Entrusts Himself to the Father
  • Entrust Our Souls to a Faithful Creator 

Questions for Further Study or Group Discussion:

  1. Read John 7:1-13. Why do Jesus’ brothers want him to go up to Jerusalem? What is success in their minds?
  2. What have you wanted, even prayed for, that may have been more in line with worldly measures of success than God’s plans?
  3. What is Jesus’ “time”? Why is it so important that Jesus submits to God’s timing?
  4. Read 1 Peter 2:23 and 4:19. Note the word “entrust.” How do we see Jesus entrusting himself to the Father in John 7?
  5. What does it look like for a follower of Christ to entrust his soul to the Father? In what ways do you not entrust your soul to God?  

Memory Verse of the Week:

1 Peter 4:19 Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good. (ESV)