Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church

The purpose of our Sunday School classes for adults is to provide Christ-centered, biblically based and theologically rich instruction and discussion to encourage attendees in their faith, to build unity in the Body of Christ, to ground our assurance in the Faith, all through deep engagement with the Bible, in order to help us know and understand and represent Christ faithfully to one another and to those outside the Faith.

Our classes are taught by teachers who love the word of God and seek to find its meaning and application for the local Church at Oak Hills. Classes are also a great way to connect with others and to really get to know us better.

We try very hard to provide ways of viewing the many facets of the Gospel of Christ through topics like Church History, systematic theology, surveys of the great doctrines of God's amazing grace, and practical classes like what it means for Christians to practice the Faith through hospitality and sound financial stewardship.

We aim in all our content to adorn the public worship of God by turning the gem of the Good News of Christ around in our hands, to let it shine and refract our Heavenly Father's great beauty displayed in Christ to fill our hearts with gratefulness.

New ACE Class: Communicating the Gospel 101: Worldview -  Starting January 30, 2022

Have you ever had a hard time presenting the gospel to someone? The hope for this class is to equip Christians with a basic understanding of what it T.A.K.E.S. in making a worldview to better communicate the gospel. The goal of this class is to both strengthen Christians with a biblical worldview and to be better communicators of the gospel. Taught by John Lee.