Worship music is one significant component of the public worship gathering of God’s people, the Church. The elders of Oak Hills long that our weekly public worship gathering would be a high point for the people who gather at Oak Hills on Sunday mornings, fulfilling a vision of the high calling that is worship.

We aim in our public worship gathering to celebrate and retell the gospel story through song, prayers, Scripture readings, preaching, and sacraments. We pray that our gatherings would provide a vehicle to proclaim hope, trust, and delight in the gospel.

We use several benchmarks to evaluate what is “good” for our public worship gatherings. You can always contact us if you would like to learn more.

1. Exaltation of God through Biblical Truth
2. Exaltation of God through Engagement of the Soul (Heart, Mind, & Will)
3. Exaltation of God through Undistracting Excellence