The Voice of the Righteous Remnant

Dec 16, 2018 by: Dale Thiele | Series: Christmas Through the Eyes of Jeremiah Scripture: Lamentations 3 Tags: grief, sorrow, anguish, hope, pain, obedience

MESSAGE - Pastor Dale Thiele

Christmas Through the Eyes of Jeremiah

The Voice of the Righteous Remnant 

  • Voicing Grief
  • Voicing Hope
  • Voicing Obedience  

Questions for Further Study or Group Discussion:

  1. Read Lamentations 3. Who is speaking in this poem? Why would a righteous follower of God like Jeremiah experience so much grief and sorrow?
  2. Have you ever experienced anguish like this author? What were the circumstances? What brought you hope?
  3. Consider the transition after verse 18. What leads the author to change his “tune” (i.e. he said in verse 18 that his hope has perished, but in verse 21 he still has hope)?
  4. According to this chapter, how should we understand and make sense of pain and suffering in our lives?
  5. What does obedience and hope look like in the midst of suffering?  


Memory Verse of the Week:

Lamentations 3:32 Though he cause grief, he will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love; (ESV)