Youth Ministry Mission

Why we do what we do.

First, we want the students to Embrace the unflinching love of God through Christ – In other words, we want them (and you!) to know that you are loved by God, so much so that Jesus (the Son of God, and God himself according to the Bible) came to earth, taking on flesh like us, living a perfect life while enduring all kinds of suffering and temptations that everyday people also go through, and then dying as a substitute in their place. Not only that but he conquered death so that we could not just be loved by God but live with God!

Second, we want students to Love His Church. Our goal with Oak Hill’s Student Ministries isn’t simply to create a cool place for students to hang out and learn about God while they remain separate from the boring church their parents are a part of. Rather, we aim to teach our youth to love the church, with all of its beauty and all of its issues. The bible talks about the church as a body, with each member (including  youth!) being an important and unique part of the body. We believe that’s true at Oak Hills, and so we aim to help our students learn to love and serve the body with their own special gifts, passions, and abilities.

Third, we want students to Serve His Kingdom in the world. That means, we want students to, not just focus inwardly and upwardly on their own spiritual life and their
relationship with God and the church, but also outwardly at what God is doing in the world around them. To that end we aim to provide our students with lots of  opportunities to serve the church and the community of the greater Kansas City area, provide opportunities for short term missions, and give them an eye into what God is doing through the church around the world.