The Big Story of the Bible, Part 14 - A Final Recap

December 8, 2022 | by: Dale Thiele | 0 Comments

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This Fall we have been considering the Big Story of the Bible. I want to give some reasons why it is so important to be familiar with this Story, but first, I want to give a recap of each chapter to refresh our memories. 

Prelude: God’s Eternal Covenant – The Father and the Son make an agreement and plan, called the Covenant of Redemption, before the creation of the world to redeem a people who will glorify the Son for all eternity. Where to find in the Bible: Hebrews 13:20; John 17:1-5; Ephesians 1:4 

Chapter 1: Creation – In the act of creation God sets the stage for the blessings of redemption to be worked out, culminating in the New Creation. Where to find in the Bible: Genesis 1-2 

Chapter 2: Fall – In God’s sovereign, redemption plan, he allows Adam and Eve to fall into sin; through sin, death and all evil enters into creation, necessitating redemption. Where to find in the Bible: Genesis 3 

Chapter 3: Promises – God begins to reveal his redemption plan (made before creation) through the promises he makes to people. Where to find in the Bible: Genesis 3-50 

Chapter 4: Formation & Establishment – God forms the nation of Israel through multiplying their people in Egypt, giving his Law at Sinai, and establishing them in the Promised Land under Joshua. Where to find in the Bible: Exodus - Judges 

Chapter 5: Kingdom –God centers his promised blessings on the coming of a king, foreshadowed in the kings of Israel. Where to find in the Bible: 1 & 2 Samuel 

Chapter 6: Unfaithfulness – As a reminder of the need for redemption, the kings of Israel chase the pleasures of the world, rejecting a God who patiently calls for them to return. Their unfaithfulness led to the division of the kingdom. Where to find in the Bible: 1 & 2 Kings 

Chapter 7: Punishment – God is patient and slow to anger, but Israel runs out of time. God allows two neighboring kingdoms of Israel to “punish” them for their unfaithfulness. During this time, many of the faithful wonder if the blessings of God have ended. God still affirms his promises to bless. Where to find in the Bible: 2 Kings 17-25 

Chapter 8: Restoration – With more foreshadowing of how redemption will play out for God’s people, God restores the people of Israel to the Promised Land after their 70-year exile. Where to find in the Bible: Ezra & Nehemiah 

Chapter 9: Fulfillment – The thread that ties the whole Big Story together is how Jesus fulfills all the promises in the Old Testament. Jesus is the snake-crusher who will bless all the nations of earth. Where to find in the Bible: Matthew - John 

Chapter 10: Application – The Holy Spirit takes the finished work of Christ and applies it to believers by regenerating hearts, giving faith, and uniting us to Christ. Where to find in the Bible: Acts and NT Letters 

Chapter 11: Expansion – God’s redemption plan included rescuing a people from every tongue, tribe, and nation. We live in this time when the Gospel is proclaimed throughout the world and people, by faith, become disciples of King Jesus. Where to find in the Bible: Acts and NT Letters 

Chapter 12: Completion – The final act of God’s plan is New Creation, where sin, death, and the devil are expelled from creation, and the heavens and earth are renewed for eternal paradise. The redeemed enjoy Christ forever. Where to find in the Bible: Revelation 

I propose three reasons why it is good and valuable to be familiar with the Big Story of the Bible: 

  1. Enriches Your Bible Reading. Knowing the unity and overarching story of the Bible will help you read the Bible more profitably. This knowledge will help you understand how each passage is tied to Christ and thus applies to you. 
  1. Increases Your Enjoyment of God. God is not an actor, responding to historical events. He is the author and director of all that happens. This brings a great comfort and delight, knowing God is never taken off-guard by what occurs. The more we understand God’s sovereign plan, the more we enjoy his sovereignty in our lives. 
  1. Gives Definition to Your Life. The story of the Bible is the story of your life. To make sense of why we are here, what is truly wrong in this world, and what will fix it all, we need the Bible. 

Are you growing in your understanding of the Story of the Bible? Are you prioritizing study of God’s great Word?



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